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Placing my mother in memory care was a heart wrenching and very difficult decision. I want to say that making the choice to place mom at Kempton was in every possible way made bearable and much easier with the guidance and help from the loving, compassionate, caring and hardworking staff. Not only is it a beautiful, clean and well kept facility, you can see that the residents are taken care of and are happy. I show up unannounced many times and I walk in to mom being loved on and she’s kept clean, well-dressed and beautiful. The activity coordinators go above and beyond to keep mom engaged and active. Most of all, I owe so much to Laura Sawyer, Director of Nursing, who my words cannot begin to express all that she has meant to me and also for her never-ending devotion to every single resident and their families at Kempton. Her abilities to manage every aspect of the resident’s care astounds me! Please, if you need to send your loved one to a higher level of care try Kempton. You will not be disappointed. I owe them so much! It is also very affordable and the peace of mind is priceless! – Terri G.
This weekend, I had a pleasant and uplifting experience that I have to share! I visited a family friend at the Kempton of Hermitage. The first thing I noticed when I entered the building was that the facility was very well-maintained and orderly. The staff was very pleasant and the residents appeared to be very happy with their community. I had the pleasure of meeting Laura (the DON) and Von (the ADON) yes on a weekend!!! I experienced their love for professionalism combined with a level of care which exuberated through the the building. The staff watched over and were very interactive with residents. Overall, I am pleased to know my family friend belongs to a loving community and I would recommend Kempton of Hermitage’s level of care to anyone requiring assisted living.—Skyler M.
I have been living at Kempton for 10 months now and couldn’t be happier. An assisted living facility is just a collection of rooms until one starts adding the staff to operate the everyday functions of the place. I cannot praise this group of individuals highly enough. Every person I’ve come in contact with here genuinely cares about the individuals they serve. One can trust their loved ones will be well cared for here. – Bob S

“You know, the ideal situation for a loved one is to receive care in the home but for many like me that is not an option due to work. In my opinion the love, care and attention that my mother receives at Kempton is the next best thing.

The employees I know at Kempton are in their calling, not just a career, because it is evident they have a genuine passion for our older senior generation and make them feel appreciated. You can see that on display if you just go see your family member regularly. I have witnessed how Kempton employees pick up on each resident’s unique personality, and relate to them in a way that says “I care about you.” Not everyone gets sweeter with age, and they still love on them all!

This is so important to help our loved ones living there to feel like they still contribute to life and have a purpose beyond their pain. Kempton activity director regularly schedules many different activities from a 4th of July Party with all the props, to games, shopping and dining trips that keep my mother engaged and something to look forward to. Loving on people who are in their “Golden Years” is so important. They have given all their lives, and now it is a time for them to reflect on the lives they have lived and enjoy their lives to the fullest with less mobility. Kempton has been a safe place for her to enjoy those precious years and has lived here for over 4 years now. They did an amazing job during COVID with extra precautions that really paid off in the long run for the health of the residents! Kempton is clean, well maintained and welcoming. The quality of my mother’s life has been made more rich with the many friendships with other residents and Kempton staff. If your loved one goes to Kempton looking for a friendly staff who has a heart for people, they will find their new home here.”

– Allen M.
This is a beautiful facility filled with a caring, genuine staff. This unique group of people put forth every imaginable effort to make the latter years of life the best possible– Kerri
This Assisted Living Facility has a unique atmosphere of healing that nurtures the mind, soul, and body. I see it in the residents, employees, and the building. I see it in the interactions of the residents with one another, the employees with each other, and the harmony when all are working together with their hearts. I am a nurse and love this place.~Stephen
Our mother loves living here. It’s a beautiful community, the food is excellent, and the staff are phenomenal. There are plenty of activities and opportunities to meet people and make friends. We looked at several places in the area when the time came for our mother to move to assisted living and this community was the best choice by such a long way that none of the others stood a chance. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that she is in a place where she is safe, well cared for, and happy.~Andi
My sister loves living here. She enjoys the activities, she loves the food and is very happy there. She says it is fabulous. Everyone is friendly and caring. I am really pleased with the care she gets there.~Sandy
My father is staying here for respite care. The staff there is excellent. They truly care about their residents.~Tipton

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Kempton of Hermitage

Formerly The Waterford in Hermitage

3778 Central Pike
Hermitage, TN 37076